About The Author

About The Author

Being actively involves in learning and development industry for more than a dozen years, Grace holds a Master Degree in Health and Safety from University Malaya, Malaysia, studied Psychology of Eating from Harvard Extension School, United States.

Grace is a Certified Nutrition Coach from Venice Nutrition, United States, a Human Resource Development Corporation Certified Professional Trainer, Neuro Linguistic Programing Certified Practitioner, member of The Center of Mindful Eating USA.

She is also an International Speaker who had spoken alongside other keynote speakers from Singapore, United States and United Kingdom. Grace loves sharing her wellbeing and wellness knowledge that has kept her both physically and mentally strong.

She is passionate to help people to Upgrade their Overall Health to the Next Level using the honest and sustainable Think and be T.H.I.N transformation blueprint.

Mahatma Gandhi said this once, “It is health which is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver. Now that’s one adage, which will never lose its relevance. If you have the health, nobody can stop you from achieving all the gold or silver or whatever it is that you are after.” 

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